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The most effective services are provided by the IICRC-certified professionals at OX Foundation Solutions-Mobile for foundation repair, concrete leveling & lifting, crawl space repair & encapsulation, basement waterproofing, and additional moisture-control services for clients throughout the Gulf Coast Region. We provide our service to both residential and commercial customers in Mobile, Spanish Fort, Bayou La Batre, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and other cities within our Greater Mobile service area. To know more about our products and services, call 251-325-6262 or click here to fix an appointment for services ASAP!

Over 25 years ago, OX Foundation Solutions-Mobile was founded. Both Kevin Weber and Dannon Appleyard, two well-known industry heavyweights, were acquired by our company.

Kevin's 25-year career as a home builder was successful in large part due to his attention to detail and a customer-focused attitude. which significantly helped him advance in his profession. Due to his background, he was also given the chance to work directly with architects, engineers, and building inspectors. For this reason, OX Foundation Solutions-Mobile was given the opportunity to have a comprehensive understanding of building procedures, potential issues, and various solutions.

Danon started his profession more than 20 years ago in the industry of waterproofing basements and foundations. He recognized the need for more practical, ultra-modern, structural, and waterproof repairs and invented something revolutionary inside the business. As we all know, typical mending techniques are only temporary and ineffectual, which is why he created a more sophisticated and intelligent method of handling the procedure. It established an engineering and design team network across the country. It is currently accepted as the industry norm. The staff at Ox Foundation Solutions-Mobile has approximately 50 years of combined experience in the residential and commercial building sectors.

A Trusted Local Company: OX Foundation Solutions-Mobile  

A locally owned and run company was formed by Kevin and Dannon. Offering great service and individualized attention to both residential and commercial clients is essentially the foundation upon which this company bases its operations. You can get assistance from our certified foundation repair specialists in basement waterproofing for any problems you might be having with your basement or crawl space. In addition to installing drainage systems, sump pumps, and waterproofing basements, we also offer a comprehensive spectrum of crawl space encapsulation services. You can have complete faith that Ox Foundation Solutions will identify the best solution.

About Ox Foundation Solutions Mobile

Services by OX Foundation Solutions

A complete foundation repair and basement waterproofing service to homeowners & business owners in Mobile, Spanish Fort, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and other cities within our service area offered by Ox Foundation Solutions- Mobile. The following list includes some of our most popular services:

We Offer Efficient & Economical Foundation Repairs with OxPoly

A foundation fracture from slab settling can have an impact on both newly constructed and older buildings. If you have a sinking slab issue in your patio, basement, driveway, or garage, you will need to completely tear it out and repair it at that time. This strategy is both unneeded and extremely expensive.

Ox Foundation Solutions-Mobile provides an affordable substitute with OxPoly, a quick, relaxing, and significantly more inexpensive method of lifting concrete than the standard slab-raising procedure. In the OxPoly process first, The sunken part of the slab is punctured with a few tiny holes, and "geotechnical" foam that expands is then injected beneath it. It forces the slab back to its original position in response to the foam explanation that the chemical reaction creates. Our qualified staff are in charge of monitoring and managing the injection process for the slab-raising operation.

Exclusive Home-Improvement Products on Mobile Offered by OX Foundation Solutions

The sunken part of the slab is punctured with a few tiny holes, and "geotechnical" foam that expands is then injected beneath it. In response to the foam explanation produced by the chemical reaction, it pushes the slab back to its original location. Monitoring and managing the injection procedure for the slab-raising operation is the responsibility of our qualified personnel.

Rely on OX Foundation Solutions for Your Foundation-Related Needs in Mobile, AL

OX Foundation Solutions-Mobile has routinely performed whatever services are required to control moisture in your basement, foundation, or crawl space for homeowners and business owners in Mobile, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Spanish Fort, and dozens of other cities around Alabama. Whether a dehumidifier needs to be added, want to ventilate a crawl space, or need to remove some pesky dust mites our IICRC-licensed staff can assist. We are pleased to be a part of the My Foundation Repair Pros network of foundation repair specialists across the country. call us at 251-325-6262 or you can click here to arrange services today!

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