Concrete Wall Covers for Basement Waterproofing in Mobile

If you see water seeping through the basement wall or just want to take preventive measures for water and moisture buildup, concrete wall covers are the best option. Often the basement walls are made of concrete, so getting a concrete wall cover is a smart choice, and OX Foundation Solutions Mobile will help you implement that.

Getting concrete wall covers from us will ensure the proper employment of waterproofing the basement wall. Avail our services in Mobile, Birmingham, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and other regions of our service area. Dial 251-325-6262 if you have any further queries.

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OX Foundation Solutions Mobile for The Correct Concrete Wall Cover

Concrete wall covers are designed to create a barrier between the concrete walls and any moisture that may be present. This prevents water from seeping through the walls and causing damage to the basement or foundation. However, they come in a variety of forms, including waterproofing paint, epoxy coatings, and waterproofing membranes. All these options can be confusing, and hard to choose the right one.

OX Foundation Solutions Mobile will help you choose the right concrete wall cover for your basement. We have the expertise and equipment necessary to prepare your basement walls' surface properly. We would also ensure that the cover is applied properly and protects your basement from water damage. Our effective and long-lasting waterproofing options include:

We are The Experts in Basement Waterproofing

When it comes to basement waterproofing, OX Foundation Solutions Mobile is the best out there. Our IIRC-certified professionals know the necessity and requirements of basement waterproofing. We also specialize in:

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