Uneven Stone Walls in Mobile & Troy, AL

Many houses in Alabama have uneven stone walls in the basement. This can cause major concern as water intrusion is easier with uneven stone walls. The solution is to waterproof the basement walls. OX Foundation Solutions Mobile works to waterproof the basement walls like uneven stone walls.

Homeowners in Clayton, Birmingham, Mobile, Orange Beach, and other AL areas trust us with their basement wall waterproofing. We have financing options so that you don't have to empty your wallet. Dial 251-325-6262 to talk to our customer representative.

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Overcome The Challenges of Waterproofing Uneven Stone Walls in Basements

It becomes challenging to waterproof basement walls made of uneven stone. Experienced professional help is needed here. OX Foundation Solutions Mobile has trained technicians who are certified by IIRC. We will assess your situation and offer the best strategy to keep your basement dry and free of water damage.

We have an advanced and effective process of waterproofing uneven stone basement walls. Let us go through a summary of them.

  • Surface preparation: We clean and prepare the surface before putting waterproofing materials on stone walls.
  • Customized waterproofing systems: Make a waterproofing system customized explicitly to the basement needs.
  • Professional installation: Our crew ensures the waterproofing materials are installed correctly for a reliable seal.

Contact Us Waterproofing Your Basement Uneven Stone Walls

OX Foundation Solutions Mobile believes in customer satisfaction. This is the reason we have cost-effective basement wall waterproof options like concrete wall covers, concrete blocks, and more.

With more than two thousand completed jobs in our pocket, you can be sure to trust us with your basement waterproofing. Our lifetime warranty makes us trustworthy and apart from other companies. If you need any sort of help, reach out to us at 251-325-6262. Else connect with us online.

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