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Leaking Crack Waterproofing Service in Alabama

Cracks in your basement walls and floors are relatively unusual, but if they aren't repaired right once, they can cause substantial water damage and flooding in your house. When it comes to repairing leaky cracks, OX Foundation Solutions is the company to call. Each type of leak in your basement or foundation can be repaired using one of our many different solutions.

For whatever basement leaking crack challenges you may have, our IICRC-Certified specialists are here for you. Providing quality services to our clients throughout our service area is our only goal. So call us today at 251-351-7755 or contact us online to know more about our services.

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Causes of Basement Leaking Cracks

  • After the building of a house, this is common. Hairline cracks arise when the freshly poured concrete shrinks and dries too quickly.
  • Cracks are the most typical sign of deterioration in our homes. Cracks form as the soil around the foundation shifts and moves. These fissures deepen and widen as the ship moves forward.
  • It is possible for water to seep into a home's basement as backfill soil settles and pushes against the walls. As the backfill dirt settles, it adds to the hydrostatic pressure, as do gutters pointing inward, allowing water to flow into the foundation rather than away.
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Other Services OX Foundation Offers for Residential and Commercial Building

Following are the services we provide apart from leaking crack waterproofing:

  • Sump pump repair & maintenance
  • Overwhelmed sump pump repair
  • Sump pump replacement
  • Battery backup systems

Contact OX Foundation And Get Rid of Leaking Cracks

Everyone in the state of Alabama can rely on our foundation repair services. Every one of our residences is built on a foundation that requires constant attention and upkeep. Structure cracks can be repaired with our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.

And we're proud to say that we've assembled the industry's top experts, all of whom are certified and entitled to call themselves the best. If you notice any signs of structural cracks, please contact us at 251-351-7755 or click here so that our helpful customer service representatives can arrange for our experienced team to come out to your residence or place of business in Brooklyn, Chapman, Chatom, Little River, and across our service area.

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