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People tend to feel a little worried when they notice cracks in basement walls because foundation issues are the most concerning for any homeowners or prospective buyers. Although there are numerous causes for basement wall cracks, the treatments might range from complete reconstruction to basic do-it-yourself repairs. DIY basement repairs are possible if you're familiar with the issue and equipped with the proper tools. However, if you lack the necessary expertise, things could get serious. It is always recommended to see a professional before attempting any kind of repair on your own. OX Foundation Solutions Mobile is the one-stop solution for any foundation damage. We provide a huge variety of services that offer a completely transferable warranty, including the maintenance and repair of building structures, the installation of drainage systems and sump pumps, as well as other services.

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Different Types of Basement Wall Cracks You Should Be Aware of!

When you see a crack in your basement's walls, the first thing you should do is figure out what kind of crack it is. Thus you'll be able to repair the leaky cracks ASAP. Some of the most common types of basement wall cracks are as follows:

  • Stair step cracks: These cracks typically appear around mortar joints and might affect the stability of your basement's structure. Two common factors contribute to the deterioration of stair treads: Sinking or settling in one area of the foundation and moisture issues outside the foundation. 
  • Hairline cracks: Hairline cracks appear frequently in the foundations of newly built structures. Typically, they develop within a year of the new foundation being constructed, as a result of the foundation settling and drying out.
  • Structural cracks: These cracks are highly dangerous since they damage the integrity of your home's structure. In most cases, temperature changes, soil pressure, or soil shrinkage lead to structural foundation cracks.

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