Leaking Window Well Repair around Mobile, AL

A window well is used to drain water away from your house, protecting your home from water damage. However, a leaky window well can do the opposite instead. Rely on OX Foundation Solutions Mobile for effective repairs when your window well is leaking. We are the leading basement waterproofing & crack repair service provider in all of Mobile, Huntsville & Birmingham, Alabama.

Trust our certified experts to quickly repair cracks or leaks leading to water intrusion in the basement. They have the required skills to stop the leak and protect your basement from water damage. Our service area in Mobile includes Daphne, Dothan, Atmore, Ozark & more. Call us at 251-325-6262 to schedule an appointment today for your leaking window well.

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Repairing Water Intrusion from Basement Window Well

A leaking window well can cause damage to the walls, and floors of your basement as well as mold damage!

To properly handle the situation, the professionals from OX Foundation Solutions Mobile utilize time-tested methods to deliver a lasting solution. We ensure the leak has been stopped, preventing further water damage in the basement. If necessary, we can also work on your existing drainage system near the well to ensure it is functioning as it should.

We provide custom-tailored solutions that are unique to your home, enabling maximum effectiveness in the leaking window well repair. Additionally, we also provide other leaky crack repairs including:

Rely on Us for Effective Leaking Window Well Repair

The consequences of a window well that's leaking are numerous, ranging from water penetration to mold development. Prevent your basement's integrity from being compromised by a leaky window well with OX Foundation Solutions Mobile. Contact us today at 251-325-6262 to schedule a consultation and let our experts repair your window well.

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