Dehumidification for Mold in Crawl Space Insulation in Mobile

For over 3 decades, OX Foundation Solutions Mobile has been offering exceptional dehumidification services for crawl spaces. We have the resources to provide all kinds of crawl space solutions starting from addressing moisture issues, to waterproofing. Our IICRC-certified team has what it takes to keep your crawl space dry, & healthy.

Some forms of insulation applied to crawl spaces actually have negative effects when combined with moisture. Similarly, fiberglass insulation soaks up moisture, & holds it against your crawl space structure, leading to major water damage, structural damage such as wood rot, as well as mold growth. To prevent such situations, & mold damage, rely on OX Foundation Solutions Mobile for excellent quality dehumidifiers. Call us today at 251-325-6262 for a free estimate on dehumidification services.

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Mold in Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl spaces are moist places due to being so close to the ground, and the foundation walls constantly seep in moisture. Insulating materials such as spray foam & fiberglass soak up moisture. This becomes a breeding ground for mold as moisture is present in abundance as well as organic material from the insulation itself. The effects may quickly spread to nearby structural components such as wooden supports.

The best way to avert this from happening is by using dehumidifiers from OX Foundation Solutions Mobile. Dehumidification removes excess moisture from the air & surrounding structures. This removes the main source of food for mold, discouraging it from growing.

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Keeping Alabama Crawl Spaces Healthy

OX Foundation Solutions Mobile provides outstanding solutions to year-old foundation & crawl space problems. Our strategies to tackle moisture-related problems and maintain a healthy crawl space include:

Rely on OX Foundation Solutions Mobile for Superior Dehumidifiers for Your Crawl Space

Crawl space insulation may encourage mold growth & structural damage if the moisture is not controlled. Maintain crawl space humidity levels with OX Foundation Solutions Mobile. Give us a call at 251-325-6262 to effectively prevent mold from growing inside your crawl space.

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