Dehumidification for Mold in Wood Crawl Space in Mobile, AL

OX Foundation Solutions Mobile offers dehumidification services to prevent mold in wood crawl spaces. Wood is an organic material, and due to moisture present in the crawl space, it may get infested with mold & mildew. Our dehumidifiers will extract excess moisture in the air & structural areas to keep your crawl space safe.

Dehumidification does not remove mold, but it will remove moisture to prevent mold, mildew, and structural damage. Our experts highly recommend dehumidifiers for wood crawl spaces to ensure their health. OX Foundation Solutions Mobile’s specialized team is available for crawl space dehumidification in Ozark, Fairhope, Enterprise, Dothan, & more areas across Mobile, Alabama. Call us TODAY at 251-325-6262 for superior dehumidification to stop mold infestation in the crawl space.

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Dehumidified crawl space

Controlling the Humidity Levels in Wood Crawl Space

Due to the crawl space being so close to the ground level, it is continuously filled with moist air & water vapor. A qualified dehumidifier from OX Foundation Solutions Mobile will allow you to control the humidity levels in the crawl space. This removes excess moisture from the crawl space environment as well as the wooden structures. It will keep your crawl space secure & sound from moisture-related problems.

Additional benefits of using a dehumidifier for wood crawl space:

  • Remove soaked moisture from wooden structures
  • Actively control humidity levels
  • Prevent mold & mildew growth
  • Avert structural damage such as wood rot
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Make home energy-efficient

Avoid Mold in Crawl Space with OX Foundation Solutions Mobile

OX Foundation Solutions Mobile offers everything for crawl space including dehumidification to prevent mold, mildew, & other moisture-related issues. Additional services we offer include:

For a healthy crawl space in Mobile, AL, avail of performant dehumidifiers from OX Foundation Solutions Mobile. Give us a call at 251-325-6262 for more information.

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