Moldy or dusty crawl space

Prevent Moldy Crawl Space around Mobile, Alabama

Crawl space is a place full of moisture, making it a perfect place for molds to grow. Molds in your crawl space are a serious concern. It affects the health of residents in a very negative way and causes damage to the property.

But do not worry. OX Foundation Solutions Mobile is here to the rescue with effective services to prevent moldy crawl spaces. We inspect the whole crawl space to identify the severity of the mold growth and offer dehumidification services to extract that extra moisture. Call us now to contact us through 251-325-6262, or you can also contact us online. Get a free estimate from us now!

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Dark and dirty crawl space

What Causes Crawl Space Mold?

Molds like damp places and a crawl space is the perfect spot for it to grow. Several factors amplify mold growth. Let's look at some of them.

  • Basement cracks and flooding: Molds can grow rapidly if any flooding occurs. Also, if there are any cracks in the basement floor or walls, it makes mold formation easier. If a foundation crack is discovered, the home must be thoroughly inspected to determine if moisture is entering the structure from elsewhere, such as a broken sump pump, improper foundation grading, or poorly sealed windows.
  • Humidity and Condensation: Humidity is favorable for mold infestation. A significant increase in the humidity level of the crawl space can lead to serious mold growth. The humidity level should be under 50%, or it would lead to condensation. In that case, the use of dehumidifiers is a must to remove that excess humidity.

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OX Foundation Solutions Mobile has been dealing with crawl space issues with utmost diligence and perfection. We understand the severity of mold growth in the crawl space and use the latest methods to properly prevent and eradicate mold and other issues in the crawl space. We will dehumidify the whole crawl space and make sure you get fresh air to breathe in. We also deliver crawl space sealing, encapsulation, and other crawl space repair services to make sure you have a clean and dry crawl space.

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