Basement crawl space ventilation

Crawl Space Ventilation in Mobile & Gulf Shores, AL

Crawl spaces with no encapsulation or with only a vapor barrier might have exposed vents. Out of the ground, air, vapor, and other gases are constantly evaporating.  If nothing is done, these vapors will emerge from the ground and enter your homes. Although a vapor barrier can significantly reduce the rate of this evaporation, it cannot stop it entirely. That's why crawl space ventilation is necessary.

Our IICRC-certified crew at OX Foundation Solutions Mobile can help you with crawl space ventilation. We have been providing services in Mobile, Spanish Fort, Gulf Shores, Bayou La Batre, Orange Beach, and other Alabama cities for years. Call #phone## if you need help with any crawl space issues.

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Installed crawl Space Ventilation

Why Should You Ventilate Crawl Space?

At OX Foundation Solutions Mobile, our recommendation depends largely on how well-insulated your crawl space is. Crawl space vents can be most effective at preventing water damage to your home if the crawl space itself, the floors above it, and all of the piping are adequately insulated.

Even though it might seem like a good idea to close vents in the winter to keep the floors warm, this will probably just trap water in the crawl space, leading to excess moisture and a higher risk of mold & mildew issues and structural damage. For that reason, if your home or office crawl space is not encapsulated, ventilation is necessary.

Ventilate Your Property’s Crawl Space With OX Foundation Solutions Mobile

If you're having trouble with your crawl space, the trained professionals at OX Foundation Solutions are here to help. After thoroughly evaluating the crawl space, we can provide the best crawl space services.

We also help clients with crawl space encapsulation, crawl space waterproofing, basement waterproofing, foundation restoration, moisture control, crawl space joist support, and more. Get in touch with ##phone## or click here to schedule an appointment, if you need immediate assistance with crawl space ventilation.

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