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With the help of retaining walls, homeowners can make better use of their available square footage. Due to some reasons, you might notice the retaining walls get curved inward. This is known as bowing walls. This curving wall poses a serious threat to the safety and stability of your home. The integrity of your home depends on its base. So, it is important to fix a bowing wall before it collapses. And to start the repair process, no other company would be better than OX Foundation Solutions Mobile. When you need quality services for your property's foundation, our IICRC-certified professionals are always there for you.

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What Are The Causes of Bowing Walls?

Your foundation wall can bow for several potential causes, some of which include:

  • Expansive soil: Different types of soil have different properties. Expansive soil refers to the type of soil that expands when wet and shrinks when dry. When it rains, the ground swells, putting pressure on the foundation wall that might cause it to bow over time.
  • Water's hydrostatic pressure: Hydrostatic pressure, caused by water in the soil outside your foundation, acts as a force pushing against the wall.
  • Frosty ground: Soil expansion due to freezing causes pressure to be applied to a structure.
  • External wall pressure applied laterally: This may occur, for instance, if a large car is parked too close to the wall.

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