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Lintelift repair refers to the process of fixing or reinforcing bowing, cracked, sagging, or damaged lintels, which are horizontal beams that support the weight of a structure above an opening such as a window or door. When it comes to fixing broken LintelLift for good, no one does it better than OX Foundation Solutions Moblie. It is important to repair damaged garage lintels or cracks above the garage, as they can significantly lower the value of your home and reduce its curb appeal.

The LintelLift System is a patented innovation that can help keep your family safe. For years of serving the residents in Abbeville, Chapman, Georgiana, Glenwood, and other cities within our service area with our extensive knowledge and cutting-edge tools. Call us today at 251-325-6262 to learn more about our foundation repair service.

Signs of Damaged Lintellift

Even if you feel like you have your home in order and know what to do if something breaks, one last thing to check is the space above your garage door. Several issues you may experience that imply damage in the Lintellift:

  • A garage door frame with a brick veneer has started to crack
  • Garage door lintel and trim separation
  • Cracking mortar above the garage door lintel
  • Garage lintel sags or bows in the middle

Additional Services OX Foundation Solutions Moblie

Since the foundation of our company, we’ve dedicated ourselves to serving homeowners and business owners efficiently. These are the services we offer apart from LintelLift repair:

LintelLift Repair - Let Us Help

Over time, the strength of the structure supported by the line lift can deteriorate. It's essential to have any damage to lintels repaired promptly to prevent further structural damage to your home. Our Ox Foundation Solutions contractor in Moblie with experience in Linetellift repair can assess the situation and recommend the best course of action to ensure that your home is safe and structurally sound. Additionally, we offer a free estimate to our customers throughout Mobile. To make an appointment call us at 251-325-6262 or contact us online.

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