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Generic homes in America are constructed from wooden boards and come with a basement that is exposed to rain, groundwater and water pipe leaks. Considering these, moisture is the fundamental danger against the structural integrity of your property, the air quality of your home, Moisture acts as airborne vehicles for germs and bacteria, acts as food for mold growth damaging walls and ceilings and increases the humidity of your home.

At Ox Foundation mobile solutions we offer top of the line dehumidifiers that control the moisture of your home keeping the indoors dry and hygienic. We are your local certified provider of drying and moisture control services in Alabama for more than half a century. Call Ox Foundation Solutions at 251-325-6262. We provide services in Orange Beach, Stockton and other areas across Alabama

 Advantages of getting a highly quality professional moisture control service

A moisture free home and basement promotes hygiene, higher standard indoor air quality, higher standard of indoor hygiene for your property and comfort for your home. It also saves money by giving the insulation of your property and extra edge saving money on energy bills.

At Ox Foundation Solutions we offer high power energy efficient dehumidifier for peak standard moisture control. We also offer more than half a century worth of experience in professional dehumidifier installation services. When in need for top tier moisture control service, make Ox Foundation Solutions your first instinct. 

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The humidifiers we offer are powerful yet energy efficient. Get the best product and save money in energy bills while using them. Call Ox Foundation Solutions at 251-325-6262 or reach us at our contact us page here. We offer our services in Ashford, Banks and other areas all across Alabama


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