High quality dehumidifiers and dehumidifier installation service in Alabama

A dehumidifier is a machine that sucks in water content from air same as vacuum cleaners suck in dust.

Owning a great quality and as a bonus a cost efficient dehumidifier is a staple for every American home. Since traditional American houses are predominantly made of wood, moisture and water are the core risk's to the property's structural integrity and indoor hygiene.

At Ox Foundation Solutions we provide the latest industry standard dehumidifiers and our team have been providing benchmark dehumidifier installation services to the people of Alabama for around  five decades. Call Ox Foundation Solutions at 251-325-6262. We provide our services and products in Theodore, Wilmer and other several areas all across Alabama.

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Advantages of owning a high quality dehumidifier and having it professionally installed

  • More energy efficiency: A moisture-free air in your home gives the insulation a boost, making it easier and cheaper to heat or cool your house.
  • More comfortable: A moisture-free home enhances air quality which naturally creates a more comfortable home keeping humidity low during summers and wind drafts low during winters.
  • Prevent mold growth: Moisture is food for mold growth, getting a dehumidifier professionally installed and routinely maintained completely eliminates the presence of excess moisture canceling the possibility of mold growth
  • Prevent dust mites: pollution and air quality are generally a very neglected part of home hygiene. A moisture-free air eliminates the chances of dust mites due to healthy air quality.
  • Prevent pests: A dry home is safe from pest infestation as pests need humid environments to thrive.

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Our products and services live up to their reputation due to our team's combined experience of nearly fived decades. Call us today at 251-325-6262 or reach us at our contact us page here. We provide dehumidifier and dehumidifier installations in Webb, Whatley and other areas in Alabama.

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