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Sump Pumps in Mobile & Troy, AL

OX Foundation Solutions Mobile performs exclusive basement waterproofing, while providing associated products in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Clayton, Mobile, Birmingham, and across our AL service area. A vital component of basement waterproofing is a sump pump. It actively pumps water away from your basement, keeping it dry and helping prevent mold growth. A superior quality sump pump keeps basements and crawlspaces drier, helps prevent or minimize mold growth, and improves indoor air quality.

Protect your basement floors and walls from standing water or persistent dampness with a consistently working sump pump. It's a cost-effective weapon against water damage or mold growth. Call OX Foundation Solutions Mobile at 251-325-6262 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation.

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OX Keeps Basements Dry & Mold-Free

At Ox Foundation Solutions Mobile, our drainage systems help divert water from your basement and foundation. Your sump pump safely ejects most of this excess, preventing major water damage. OX has more than 50 years experience in basement waterproofing and provides superior, effective drainage systems and sump pumps for any season. For affordable solutions to waterproof your basement, OX Foundation Solutions Mobile should be your first and last call. Our basement waterproofing options include:

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OX Battery Backups Keep Sump Pumps Working OT in Mobile & Fairhope, AL

A sump pump requires electricity to operate. But, what happens when a power outage occurs during a storm or severe wind? This is a common scenario during tropical or thunderstorms. OX Foundation Solutions Mobile installs battery backups for sump pump systems. The backup takes over during power outages and keeps your sump pump working overtime to avoid basement or crawlspace flooding. Keep your basement free of excess water during severe weather conditions with a sump pump battery backup.

Trust OX Foundation Solutions For Sump Pump Installation in Orange Beach, AL

OX Foundation Solutions Mobile is an experienced basement waterproofing provider, having assisted Mobile area and AL customers faithfully for more than 50 years. Our IICRC-certified crew will install your sump pump efficiently and in excellent working order. Our superior sump pumps and more basement waterproofing options are available in Orange Beach, Mobile, Stockton, Gulf Shores, and across our AL service area. Call us today at 251-325-6262 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation. Ask about our free, no-obligation estimates.

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