Sump Pump Battery Back-Ups around Mobile, AL

Having a sump pump system in the house's basement is a great addition to keeping the area dry and clean. However, areas like Alabama are prone to floods and heavy rain. This can make the sump pump overwhelmed and clogged. Therefore, it is a smart idea to add a battery backup to the sump pump system.

While considering the idea of getting a battery backup, you search for a reliable professional for it. When OX Foundation Solutions Mobile is around, you no longer need to look for anyone else to get sump pump battery backups. We are here to help homeowners in Gulf Shores, Birmingham, Clayton, Mobile, and our other service areas. Dial 251-325-6262 and allow us to assist you.

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Cost of Battery Back-Up for Sump Pump

Whenever there is an electricity shortage or cut out, the battery backup works in support of the sump pump system. Getting a battery backup and installing a sump pump system comes with the question of the cost. No one would want to empty their pocket for this. The cost in this case depends on some factors.

  • Battery type: Generally, two types of batteries are used in the backup system: standard lead-acid batteries and maintenance-free sealed batteries. The type of battery has a significant impact on the overall cost.
  • Capacity: The larger the battery capacity, the more powerful the system is and it also will cost more.
  • Installation complexity: The expense will be higher if the installation requires major electrical work or changes to the plumbing system.

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