Sump Pit Installation & Maintenance in Mobile, Alabama

The sump pit is part of the sump pump system located on the lowest ground of the building. It is designed to collect groundwater, rainwater, or any other water that enters the basement through the foundation or from the surrounding soil.

To get the best out of a sump pump system, proper sump pit installation is required. That's where OX Foundation Solutions Mobile’s name comes in. We offer the best sump pit installation and maintenance throughout Orange Beach, Birmingham, Mobile, Clayton, and other AL service regions. Get a free estimation by calling 251-325-6262.

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Why Sump Pit Installation & Maintenance is Important?

  • A sump pit collects and pumps out excess water, preventing basement flooding.
  • Well-maintained sump pit protects the value of your home by preventing water damage and mold growth.
  • Regular maintenance increases the life of your sump pump and lowers the cost of repairs.
  • Proper installation and maintenance protect the safety of your sump pump by keeping it functional.
  • Sump pit prevents breeding grounds for harmful microorganisms that can cause health problems.
  • Insurance companies discount homeowner's insurance coverage for homes with sump pits built.
  • Reduces humidity levels in your basement, which may result in lower utility bills.

Get Your Sump Pit Installed by OX Foundation Solutions Mobile

You need a reliable company for an efficient sump pit and sump pump installation. OX Foundation Solutions Mobile has been serving sump pump services for decades. Our experiences have molded us to keep up with the latest methods and plans.

Our IIRC-certified crews are knowledgeable with advanced tools and equipment. They will help you choose the correct sump pit that is best fitted with the sump pump system. Moreover, they can determine the most suitable location for installation. But that's not all. We provide further assistance in maintaining the sump pump system. Wait no more and contact us at 251-325-6262 or click here for other basement waterproofing services.

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